Jerry Weiner

Jerry Weiner Consulting represents a wealth of experience in matters that are important to small business owners and an admission that Jerry is not ready to really retire any time soon. 

Jerry practiced as a CPA for four years after college (UConn Huskies, class of 1973).  He then worked at the largest bank in Atlanta where he became a VP responsible for external reporting to banking and securities regulators as well as internal reporting, planning & budgeting for the board, senior management and their operating divisions.

Jerry left C &S Bank and started a bank accounting & planning software business in 1982 using dual floppy IBM PCs – imagine that.  As the PC grew so did the software business until IPS had sold software to over 5,000 banks, savings & loans and credit unions in North America.

In 1997 Jerry sold IPS to a public company.  His responsibilities expanded to include a world-wide customer base that he visited on a regular basis.  Jerry became known for his expertise in profitability measurement as he taught workshops, published numerous articles and wrote a book on the subject.

Jerry retired in 2001 and began raising money for a variety of causes.  In 2007 he started PWD to address the growing professional need for quality digital image processing.  Jerry sold PWD in early 2014 and retired, again.

Upon selling PWD Jerry started Jerry Weiner Consulting to share his considerable experience with small business owners to help them achieve their goals & objectives.  He plays the role of mentor, advisor, CFO and information systems architect for his clients, all with the goal of generating accurate and timely data to use to create knowledge and information.  His clients benefit from his ability to design reporting mechanisms that help them focus in on key performance indicators.

Since 1985, Jerry has been married to April, mother of their two sons, Matt & Jon.  April is an accomplished painter, practices yoga & Pilates, researches alternative health solutions and does a great job of managing life at home.  Matt is a 2008 graduate of NYU-Tisch living in Atlanta pursuing his own entrepreneurial dreams building a world-wide vinyl record label and indie music business.  Jon is a 2011 graduate of NYU-Tisch working at an accounting firm while studying at Georgia State to sit for the CPA exam. Like father, like sons?   Life is good.